3 Great Window Replacement Options To Consider For Your Property

8 June 2018
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Having old or damaged windows can really affect your experience as a homeowner. It may be time for a home window replacement, and to narrow down your options, you should strongly consider these types. They can enhance your property in many ways.

Transom Windows 

One of the more multi-functional window types available today is a transom window. It can be mounted above windows and doorways—allowing in plenty of natural light. Transom windows can also be constructed with an opening mechanism, perfect if you want to let air in on a breezy day.

Their thin, vertical design makes them one of the easier windows to keep clean. They can compliment many different home styles, including traditional and modern. As far as design options, there are limitless possibilities. They can feature etched, stained, and multi-colored glass. 

Slider Windows 

If you plan on sitting by your windows throughout the day—enjoying the fresh air—then slider windows are a great option. They're unique in that they glide along a stationary track. You can thus open and close these windows in one smooth motion. 

Compared to double-hung windows, slider windows are much larger. They thus give you better views outside of your home. Since these windows don't have a lot of complicated parts, they can create a tight seal when closed. You can thus save a lot of money over the years on energy costs.

Bay Windows 

There's no better way to highlight your home's windows than to have bay windows put in. They are one of the largest window options available on the market, which provides many important benefits. For one, they don't have any trouble bringing in plenty of natural light. Your home's interior will thus feel more tranquil. 

They also provide exceptional ventilation, as they can be designed to open in either direction. In addition to their sleek design, they can make rooms in your home feel much larger than they really are. The only shortcoming you need to remember is the extra maintenance involved, since bay windows are so large and have a lot of glass. 

The windows in your home are not just a trivial feature. They truly impact how your home looks and operates daily. As a result, you need to carefully assess the available options if you're in need of a replacement set. Look around to try to find a type that matches your specific stylistic and functional preferences.