Tips For Prescreening Roofing Contractors Over The Phone

18 May 2018
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If you have a roofing job that you need to be done this summer, you need to find the right contractor to work with. You are going to have to get bids from and choose a roofing contractor. Luckily, you can start screening potential roofing companies over the phone even before you invest time in getting a quote from them.

Ask for Their Legal Business Name

The first thing you need to ask for is the legal name that they do business under. For example, "Tom's Roofing" may be legally registered as "Tom's Roofing & Business" or "Toms' Roofing LLC" or "T&R Construction."

These little details matter as you learn more about the roofing company and follow up on with more questions. It should be easy for a roofing company to let you know the legal name that is on their business license and insurance.

With a business' legal name, you can look the business on your state's business website to verify that the roofing company you are speaking with is a registered business in your state.

Ask About Their Insurance

Second, you never want to let a contractor on your property who doesn't have the right type of insurance. Insurance requirements vary by state, but in most states, all construction businesses are required to carry general liability insurance as well as worker's compensation insurance just to operate.

Make sure that the minimum insurance that they carry meets your state's requirements. They should be happy to send you a copy of their insurance policy via fax or email. Adequate insurance protects both you and the contractor you work with.

Ask Who Will Supervise the Job

Third, you are going to want to find out who will actually be on your property when your job is being completed. Many roofing companies with large staffs may have more than one project going on at a time.

You want to make sure that someone in authority will be at the job site when your roof is being fixed. The owner, manager or project manager for the roofing company should be on-site during your roofing job. There should always be someone in a supervisory capacity at your home when the project is being completed.

When looking for a roofing contractor to fix your roof, you can do some pre-screening over the phone. Only work with companies who are easily able to tell you the legal name their business is registered with in your state and who can provide you with copies of their insurance information. Make sure any roofing contractors you let provide you with a quote has a plan for a supervisor to be on-site if you were to accept their quote.