Fascia Board Choices

8 April 2018
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The fascia boards along your roofline are a major part of the overall look. If you fascia is straight, clean, and brightly painted, your roofline is going to look much nicer. But, if you lets it fall into disrepair, it can age not only your roof, but you entire home. If you have wide soffit boards, a flimsy fascia can make the overhang weak. That is, the weight of your roof material can cause problems with the structural strength of your eaves.

This is one of the biggest drawbacks to having wooden fascia boards. However, many people love the look of wood and want a material that they can customize. So, homeowners need to decide if they want wood or composite fascia boards. This article compares the key differences between these two fascia options.  

Real Wood Fascia Boards

Most homes are built with real wood fascia boards. Tempered lumber is a suitable fascia option for a number of reasons. It is strong and easy to work with. However, the best thing about having real wood fascia boards is that the surface can be custom painted and stained. So, if you have the desire to change your color schemes and exterior style, you can refinish your wood fascia boards.

The biggest problem with have wood fascia, even though it is tempered, is the toll that the sun and rain can take on the wood. Since the fascia boards are always exposed, certain sections can have their finish fade off. If the finish fades, the wood can be more vulnerable to termites, warping and water damage. Basically, homeowners need to keep their fascia boards sealed with paint or stain to protect the wood's integrity.

Composite Fascia Boards

Composite wood fascia boards are proving to be a convenient and reliable alternative to real wood. A composite fascia products has a capped finish. That is, it is surrounded by a durable and waterproof synthetic finish that last much longer than a wood stain. There is one key disadvantage to having a permanent finish. First of all, you can't change the color or finish. If you want to change the wood finish, your only practical option is to replace your fascia with a new product. This doesn't bother many potential customers because they don't plan on changing their color scheme.

Whether you choose real or composite wood, installing new fascia boards can revive your roofline. For professional help, contact local roofing services.