Roof Care And Replacements: 3 Tips To Increase The Lifespan Of Asphalt Shingles

18 October 2017
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Replacing your roof is going to be one of the costliest maintenance tasks for your home, which is why you want to get as much life out of your shingles as possible. Good care and routine roof maintenance will help you get more life out of asphalt shingles; it will also ensure you know when it is time for a roof replacement. Here are some roof maintenance tips that will help you get more life out of your asphalt shingles:

1. Routine Cleaning to Reduce Roof Wear

Part of the regular maintenance that you will need to do to your roof includes cleaning. There are many reasons why you want to clean your roof, such as to keep it free of debris from trees or to prevent moss from growing. In addition to cleaning the roof, you also want to make sure that trees around your home are well-trimmed to keep the roof clean and to prevent fungus from growing and causing damage to the shingles.

2. Small Repairs That Roofs Need

Over the years, your roof is probably going to need some small repairs before it will need to be replaced. Neglecting the repairs causes unnecessary wear to your roof. Have your roof checked for damage after storms and repair any leaks or other damage. Some of the repairs may be small repairs that you want to do yourself, but if you cannot do the repairs yourself, you can contact a roofing contractor to help with these maintenance tasks to ensure your roof lasts for many years.

3. Regular Roof Inspections to Know the Condition of Your Roof

If you want to know when it is time to replace your roof, then it is a good decision to do regular inspections of your roof. You will want to check for signs of wear and any damage that needs to be repaired. This is something that you may want to contact a professional roofing contractor for. The roofer will help keep up with the current condition of your roof and tell you when you are going to need to have it replaced. If different components of your roof have excessive wear, then it is probably time to talk to the roofer about having it replaced.

These are some roof maintenance tips that will help your shingles last longer. If you need help with maintenance or inspection of your roof, contact a roofing contractor at a company like  Landmark Roofing to ensure your roof is in good shape.