Essential Information About Metal Roof Leaks

28 September 2017
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Many homeowners select a metal roof due to its longevity and durability. However, the roofing material is not invincible. Damage can occur to a metal roof, which is why it is important to understand where the problem areas are and how they can be repaired.

Problem Areas

Metal roofing material has several areas that have a greater chance of developing a roof leak. You should be inspecting these areas regularly to ensure that no damage has occurred.

Start by looking in places where ventilation pipes protrude out from your roof. These are areas where a hole has been placed in the metal roofing material with caulk that surrounds it to form a seal. The problem you'll run into is that the caulking surrounding the seams has become old and is now deteriorating. While the metal roofing is perfectly fine, a small bead of missing caulk is all it takes to form a leak.

Skylights are another feature that protrudes from a roof like a ventilation pipe. Skylights are quite bigger than a pipe though, and water can get trapped behind the skylight along an upper edge. Look at the seal along this edge for potential damage.

Flashing can also become faulty over the year, which is used in the valleys of the roof where water often gathers as it flows off the roof. You may notice that the flashing has lifted off the roof and allowed water to flow behind it. Metal flashing can also bend due to a strong storm, so make sure to inspect this material after storms.

Repair Methods

It is best to hire a professional roofer to perform repairs for you. While the repairs may seem straightforward, a roofer can inspect for damage underneath the metal roofing material..

Any problems with damaged metal flashing will involve repairing the spot that is causing a leak. If the caulk had deteriorated, all you'll need to do is to apply new caulk to the area to form a seal. Bent metal flashing can be straightened out and sealed around the edges once again with caulk to keep water out.

Roofing nails can also cause leaks if water is seeping in through the hole. These nails can be covered with caulk as well to prevent a leak. If there are several holes in a metal roof, you can fix it by applying a clear roof coat that will protect the surface from small leaks.

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