Protect Your Roof From Winter Before It Arrives

7 August 2017
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Sure, the temperatures might be warm now and the idea of harsh weather is in the distance. However, you're not stuck in a time-freezing machine, so things will change. Be proactive and start working towards protecting your roof before winter arrives.

Have the Gutters Cleaned

Those bright and beautiful green leaves on your trees will eventually turn brown and orange and fall off. If you have trees overhanging on your roof, many of these leaves can end up in your gutters. If your gutters are already full of debris, adding leaves is only a recipe for disaster.

During the winter, instead of the melted snow running off your roof and through the gutters, it may rest and pool on top of the roof, causing substantial water damage to the exterior and interior spaces of your home.

Inspect Attic Ventilation

Late summer, early fall is also a great time to have the ventilation in your attic inspected. An attic can get quite hot during the day while the sun is beaming on the roof. If there is no proper ventilation for some of this heat to escape, you could end up with ice dams during the winter.

Poor ventilation causes snow on the roof to melt too rapidly, making it freeze almost as quickly as it melts. Ice dams are heavy and can cause damage to your roof and gutters. This accelerated melting of the snow can also cause a leak, especially if there is an issue with your gutters. Ensure the ventilation in your attic is allowing for ample airflow.

Make Necessary Repairs

Even if your gutters are clear and you have great ventilation, if there is already existing damage on your roof, the winter months won't be a pleasant experience for you. Even something as seemingly harmless as a shingle with frayed edges puts the integrity of your entire roof in jeopardy, as it allows moisture to penetrate.

When it snows, some of the melted snow will roll off the roof and some will seep through the edges of the damaged shingle. For mold development and insulation damage, it only takes a small amount of moisture, even more important, the more water that gets inside, the more risk for damage to the other shingles. Have any problems repaired quickly.

Don't wait until harsh weather strikes to be concerned about your roof. Beat the rush and get a jump start on protecting your roof and home. Check with a company like Darnell Construction for more information.