Installing Gutters Doesn't Have To Be So Difficult

30 July 2017
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Installing your gutters may seem like an intimidating process. Climbing on that ladder might seem frightening. Not only that, but mistakes that are made during the gutter installation process can cause your gutters to fail to protect your home from damage. The good news is that there are ways to make the gutter installation process easier.

Have At Least One Assistant

Always have someone assist you when installing your gutters. If you fall, you have someone to get medical attention. Not only that, but assistants can make the process easier by handing supplies to you. While you are up on the ladder, an assistant should be holding it. 

Measure The Pitch

Measure the pitch of the gutters. The gutters should slope one or two inches every 40 feet. If the gutters do not slope, the water will not flow to the downspout. However, if the gutters slope too quickly, they will not look right and the steep gutters may also cause the water to overflow. If the pitch is right, you will also find it easier to sweep away debris. Use a string with a string level to calculate the pitch. Attach one end of the string to the highest point on the gutter. Attach the other end of the string to the downspout. 

Use A Drip Edge

It can be difficult to determine where you should place your gutters and improperly placed gutters will not function properly. Your gutters need to be a few inches below the edge of the roof. Water runs to the edge of your roof and will then wrap around the edge slightly before dripping down. Therefore, you should install a drip edge. This drip edge is installed under the first course of shingles. Otherwise, the water will run down behind the edge of your gutter and will travel down the fascia board and siding. This will cause damage to your home.

Decide Whether To Use Seamed Or Seamless Gutters

A gutter with seams is easier to install than a gutter that does not have seams. However, a seamless gutter will reduce the number of problems that you may have with your gutters. For example, the locations where the gutters were welded together may become damaged by the elements and may cause leaks. If you are concerned about how difficult it may be to install a seamless gutter, or any gutter, contact a professional gutter installation company, like Hogan  Roofing, to install your gutters for you.