How To Tell If Your Property Needs Some Roof Repairs

20 June 2017
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It is important to make sure that you are doing everything in your power to ensure that the roof on your property is in the best possible shape. This means that you need to be well aware of the signs that indicate that your roof needs at least some repairs, if not complete replacement. To help you spot such signs, you will want to take a little bit of time to review the following information.

Sunlight Is Shinning Into The Attic

Even if it is just a tiny amount of sunlight making its way into your attic from an incredibly small hole, it is still a big indication that there needs to be some repairs made to your roof. If you are not sure whether there is any light shinning into your attic through the roof, you will want to conduct a search for it. Go into the attic during a bright and sunny day. Once you are ready, turn off all of the attic lights. Once your eyes have adjusted to the darkness, you will want to start to look over the roof. If there is a hole, you will spot the light shining through.

Shingles Are Falling

Even one shingle falling to the ground is a problem that you will need to have further inspected by a professional. Once a shingle has aged to the point that it is able to become easily detached from the roofing nails and fall to the ground, it is only a matter of time before many more follow behind it. After all, the shingles on your roof, besides any possible sections that were patched, were installed at the same time.

Shingle Granules Are In The Gutter

You should be cleaning out the gutters a few times a year. If, during one of those inspections, you notice granules from your asphalt shingles, it is time to call a roofing contractor. Your roofing shingles are breaking down and they are not going to continue to give you and your home a lot of protection for much longer. It is time to have a contractor replace them with new shingles or even another roofing material, such as metal.

With those signs of roofing trouble in mind, you are going to want to make sure that you are locating the best possible roofer for the job. This way, the repairs that are made to your roof will last for a very long time. Companies like MW Roofing LLC can help.