A Roof Made From Wood? It's Not As Vulnerable As It Sounds!

27 April 2017
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Roofs are supposed to be tough. They need to stand up to wind, rain, and scorching hot sunshine, acting as a barrier between your home and the outdoors. Since wood is often thought of as fragile and prone to insect damage, the idea of building a wooden roof may sound a bit tenuous. But in fact, wooden roofs are not as vulnerable as they seem. These roofs are often made from cedar wood, which has some unique properties that make it a tough, weather-resistant roofing material.

Cedar repels insects.

Having termites move into your roof would be a tragedy, and nobody wants a nest of wood bees in their shingles, either. However, cedar is about as unappealing to these insects as earwax is to your palate. Cedar oils smell lovely to you, but they drive away these insects. So, you never have to treat a cedar roof with insecticides or worry about invasions of pests.

Cedar does not crack easily.

Cedar wood, though very sturdy, is actually a soft wood. This means it is less likely to crack than harder woods like walnut and cherry. For this reason, the roof will stay in good shape if struck by hail or a broken branch that falls off in a storm. If you live in a storm-prone area, choosing cedar roofing will minimize your need for repairs.

Cedar does not require staining.

The idea of having to crawl up on your roof and apply stain or a water repellent to your shingles surely does not sound appealing. But while you can stain cedar, it actually does best when left to breathe naturally. Its oils allow it to resist rotting and water damage, making it a good choice for shaded roofs and in wet environments. As it ages, it will take on a grayish appearance that reminds you of beachwood. This is a different look than that of stained wood, but it's one that most homeowners find attractive.

Cedar is a good insulator.

Many roofing materials become decayed and deteriorating if they are exposed to too much sunshine. The heat causes them to break down or crumble. But cedar, like most woods, is a great insulator. This means that it does not let a lot of heat to pass through it; rather it reflects a lot of heat. Not only does this prevent heat damage, but it also keeps your home cooler during the summer.

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