Know About These Improvements And Repairs That Can Be Done While Getting A New Roof

26 April 2017
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Your home's existing roof will not last forever; eventually it will need replacement. When those old shingles are removed from your roof, you may uncover some damage that needs to be fixed before the roof replacement can move forward. Know about these improvements and repairs that could be done while replacing a roof so you are aware of potential issues that can come up.

Repair The Roof Deck

A common problem that is uncovered when replacing a roof is a damaged roof deck. There could have been problems with existing shingles that were damaged, causing water to get underneath them. You may be dealing with wood rot and damaged boards that must be replaced. While your roofer can do these repairs for you, know that extensive damage to the roof deck will result in an additional cost for new material.

Repair The Attic

Sometimes the damage goes beyond the roof deck, and you don't realize that the water has gotten into your home's attic. There is potential to find joists and rafters that have water damage, resulting in expensive repairs. You can spot these problems on your own before the roof replacement, which can be done by looking in your home's attic and inspecting the wood with your flashlight.

Improve Valleys

The walls and valleys where parts of your roof meet can become a trap for water. Since water travels down this path frequently to run off the roof, you will have an excessive amount of wear here, resulting in the higher chance of a leak. You can reinforce these areas during a new roof installation by having an additional membrane placed in this spot where you need more protection. If metal flashing fails in this part of the roof years from now, the membrane helps seal holes and provide protection.

Improve Ventilation

Your roof needs to be ventilated, or else excessive amounts of humidity and heat will be trapped in your attic. If your home doesn't have proper ventilation, the time to fix it is during a new roof installation. It will be easy to have an attic fan installed, which will reduce moisture in your attic and prevent your home from getting too hot.

Thankfully, if you are in need of having any of these things done, your roofing contractor can handle it all for you when they are in the process of installing your brand new roof.

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