Older Home? Metal Roofing Is A Great Choice

25 April 2017
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Do you have an older home that was perhaps built in the late 1800s or early 1900s? When the time comes to replace your roof, you have a number of options. Perhaps a slate roof would be most period-appropriate for your home's architecture, but metal is also a great choice for older homes. Here's why.

Metal is a lightweight roofing material.

Over time, the walls and foundations of older homes tend to become less structurally sound. They may have, at one time, been strong enough to withstand the weight of a slate roof or heavy roofing tiles. However, putting that pressure on them now may accelerate the rate of expansion of cracks in the foundation. It could even make your home unsafe, so you'd want to have it looked over by a structural engineer before having the roof installed.

Metal roofing, however, is very lightweight -- especially when you choose aluminum panels. It won't put excess pressure on your older home's walls and foundation, so you'll probably have fewer repairs to worry about.

Metal keeps your home cooler.

Most older homes were not built with the intention of air conditioning. Even if you had AC installed after the fact, there's a good chance your home does not cool as efficiently as a new home would. Your insulation may also be lacking, leading to even higher energy bills. A metal roof, however, is very reflective. Less heat is transferred through it during the summer months, so your home stays cooler -- and your AC unit, if you have one, does not have to work as hard and consume as much energy.

Metal requires little to no maintenance.

If you have asphalt shingles, you have to worry about cleaning leaves and debris off of them so they don't cause rot. Tile roofs need to be inspected for cracked tiles every year or two, and wooden roofing should be sealed or stained periodically. Metal roofing, however, is very low maintenance. You don't have to worry if a tree branch overhangs the roof since it is unlikely to crack the metal if it falls. There won't be any moss growth, and you don't have to stain the roof. Most metal roofs these days come pre-treated with a rust-proof coating, so you don't even need to paint them unless you want to change your color. This lack of required maintenance is certainly an advantage when you have an older home that requires a lot of other upkeep.

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