How To Ensure Your Roof Will Survive The Winter Storms

24 April 2017
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Multiple residential roofs suffer from weather damage every winter season, with dramatic damages capturing the headlines. Fortunately, there are measures you can take so that your roof isn't included in the statistics of destroyed roofs in the next winter season. Start by following these simple tips:

Clear Debris off the Roof

Debris is always a danger to roofs, regardless of the season. Debris can trap moisture (for example, from melting snow). The more your roof stays wet the more it is likely to experience water damage (for example, in the form of rotten wood or rusty metal) and leak. Apart from that, the debris plus the weight of accumulated snow may be too much for your roof's structural strength, leading to structural damage. Therefore, if there is debris on your roof make sure you remove it before the winter season commences.

Trim Trees near the House

Even if the winter storms don't damage your roof correctly, they may cause indirect damage in the form of falling tree branches or uprooted trees. Therefore, evaluate your trees and remove those that look weak (for example those that lean at an angle or have dying trunks). Even for those trees that don't look weak or ready to fall, it's advisable to take the precaution of trimming branches that may fall on the roof due to storm damage.

Ensure Your Roof's Insulation Is Intact

Most people know that proper roof insulation is necessary for comfort and energy efficiency. However, this isn't the only purpose of roof insulation; insulation also prevents roof damage during the winter. For example, if your roof isn't properly insulated, the heat generated in the house may reach the roof and melt the accumulated snow. The water from the molten snow will then flow and refreeze on the fringes of the roof that aren't heated from the house; this is how ice dams form. An ice dam can trap water behind it leading to serious roof damage. Therefore, it is important to make sure that your house, especially the attic, is properly insulated before the cold season commences.

If you are dealing with an old roof or a poorly maintained one, then you probably need a professional's inspection to help you identify the weak points or diagnose any underlying problems. You might not be able to tell how strong your roof's structures are by merely looking at them, especially if there are no missing parts (think shingles), but a professional will know the true state of your roof.

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