3 Signs You Need To Have Your Metal Roof Repaired

23 February 2018
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If you have an older metal roof, you may wonder if its structural integrity has been affected by years of exposure to outdoor moisture and sunlight. If so, look for the following signs that your metal roof has sustained damaged that necessitates repairs as soon as possible before it starts to leak.

Gaps Are Present in the Seams

One sign that your metal roof is in need of repairs is the presence of gaps in the seams between the metal panels. Normally, the seams overlap and are sealed tight so as not to allow water underneath them.

However, years of extreme temperature changes and exposure to wind can loosen these seams, making them pull apart. Once you start seeing gaps in the seams, water is already being allowed to leak under the roof to the underlying support wood. Have a roofer inspect the gaps and supporting structures to see what repairs will be required.

Pools of Water on the Roof

Another sign that your metal roof has sustained structural damage is found when you observe pools of water on your roof. Usually, all water will shed off of the flat metal panels and flow down into your gutters.

However, if the panels become bent or bowed, the water will no longer have a smooth surface over which to flow. It will collect in the depressed sections of your roof, where it will eventually corrode and rust the metal. This breakdown of the metal will leave the roof susceptible to water leaks.

Reddish Brown Discolorations 

If you have just now noticed pools of water on your roof, look for another sign that it is damaged. If you notice that the color of the metal in these areas has turned reddish brown, corrosion and rust have already started to take place.

If you cannot tell the color of the roof while it is still wet, give the metal a day or two to fully dry out. Then, stand on the top of a ladder so you can see the color up close. If you see discolorations or even notice small holes in the metal roofing, call to have a professional take a look at the damage, since your roof is likely already starting to leak into your home.

If you notice any of the above signs, your roof is in imminent danger of starting to leak. Contact a roofer who offers metal roof repair services to have them inspect the damage and discuss your options for fixing the roof before the damage gets any worse.