Roofs And Your Safety: 3 Essential Rules To Avoid Injury When Doing Chores On Your Roof

24 July 2017
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When doing chores around your home there are many hazards, and getting on your roof to do things like cleaning gutters or inspecting for storm damage can be some of the most dangerous tasks. It is important to know safety rules and use the right equipment before you get on your roof to do common maintenance chores. Here are some essential rules to follow to ensure you stay healthy and injury-free:

1. The Safest Ways to Clean Gutters Without Getting on The Roof

When cleaning the gutters on your roof, you want to be sure you are safe. Many homeowners get on the roof and lean over the edge of the roof to clean out debris. You want to avoid getting on the roof if possible. Try using a garden hose extension with a hook-bend in it for cleaning gutters. If you must get on your roof, use a safety harness and do not lean over the edge of the roof. Instead of leaning over the edge of the roof, work your way from the side along the sections of gutters.

2. Proper Use and Correct Types of Ladders to Use for Roof Chores

Many people are injured incorrectly using ladders for maintenance tasks around the home. When working on the roof, you never want to use a step-ladder, which is not meant for this task. Instead of a step-ladder, you will want to use an extension ladder. When using an extension ladder to do work to your roof, you want to extend the rungs of the ladder above the roof a couple of feet. In addition, lean the bottom of the ladder out slightly from the edge of the roof and never step on rungs that extend past the roof's edge.

3. Investing in Fall Protection Devices and Using Them Correctly

Today, fall protection devices are widely available, which you can get from many home improvement stores. Make sure that you get harnesses and safety cords that are designed for use in construction environments. In addition to the harnesses and cords, there are also fastening systems for roofs that you can get, which nail to the top of the ridge to tie safety cords off to.

These are some tips that will help you avoid injury when doing common maintenance tasks on your roof. Contact a roofing contractor to help with repairs and inspection of roof damage to ensure you stay safe.